Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Dish Fairy Did Not Come

I don't have a dish washer. Well, I do - they're called my hands. But I don't have an automatic dish washer that's as simple as load, push buttons, then unload. How heavenly that would be!

No, the dishes must be hand washed. And yet again, the Dish Fairy has not come. That means I, the domestic goddess that I am, must go into the kitchen and muck the oatmeal out of the breakfast bowls myself. Did I mention that this oatmeal is from last Friday? Yeah.

Maybe if I wait long enough the children will learn to wash dishes. But that's probably a bad idea seeing as they're still preschoolers and should not handle knives. Not to mention the fact that I'm sure they would miss key particles of food stuck to my favorite non-stick frying pan.

Enough procrastinating... I guess today, I'm the Dish Fairy.

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Kathy Carr said...

Hi, sweet friend!! :) Cute blog! :)


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