Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh, Poop

I have a book entitled Potty Training Sucks that I got when my daughter turned two. I was unprepared for the crap that potty training brought me - Pun certainly intended.

Anyone who has potty trained a child would probably agree that they would rather spend a month as a POW somewhere hostile than teach a child how to pee into a toilet. I say that and my daughter was relatively easy to train.

She was "day" trained by the time she was 2.5 and night trained before she turned three. I don't know how she did that, but it was all her. I can take no credit. She, like me, sets her mind to something and rolls with it.

SB in her Potty-prize Tiara

But now that my son is approaching 2.5, and it's summertime, the topic has been broached. When to train him? He certainly wants to go potty like a big boy, but currently panics when I take his diaper off to do the deed. And the few times I've put him in his amazingly awesome Lightning McQueen undies he's peed in them without a care in the world - leaving me play a rousing game of "Find the Puddle."
And of course with a boy we're left with whether to train him standing or sitting. I have him sit right now, but all the 3 year old boys at church stand - which amazes me. I told my husband that he needs to take a week off work and train him in the manly way. 

Potty training is not fun in the least. If you've found a way to make it fun, please clue me in - I want to know your secret.


Beth B said...

Bryson will be 3 next month, and we just started seriously potty training a couple weeks ago. Before then, he would freak out every time we tried to get him to sit on the potty. Finally, having a seat that fits on top of the toilet, so he doesn't feel like he's falling in has made a big difference. After trying pull-ups and underwear with a plastic cover with no luck, we just went to straight underwear, and he did NOT like the feel of the pee on his legs, so after a couple accidents he got the idea very quickly. Now, for the most part, he goes by himself during the day, and we have only a couple accidents in a week. We haven't worked on night training yet, but that could get interesting. I know several kids that have potty trained earlier, but it's been more difficult and they need more reminders and supervision. I'm kinda glad we waited until he was a little older and got the hang of it so quickly. Also, we started him sitting down, just because it was easier, but from time to time he wants to "pee like Daddy" and does that fairly well. I'm letting him kind of move that way at his own pace.

Molly said...

My sister used to float cheerios in the toilet for her little guys to aim at. They thought it was fun... I don't know that she did though.. :)

Anonymous said...

I say wait to potty tain till your SURE he's ready. we tried to force it and pee training was easy, but poop training took almost two years. AGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
We trained for pee sitting down (less mess, no rouge "fire hose" moments) he told us when he was ready to go standing and is alright at the aiming,


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