Monday, June 21, 2010

Putting on Your Game Face

Have you ever paid attention to moms when they're shopping? I was at Wal-Mart today doing my grocery shopping and getting a few other things and I started to notice the looks on some of co-shoppers faces.

Most of the women shopping around me wore faces that were downright depressing. They looked sad, downtrodden - whether they had children in their midst or not. I understand that deciding between bananas and pears isn't that exciting, but man, it was like death.

Other moms sported the angry look. Truly POed. What were they angry at? Rising prices? Lack of selection? Or maybe the fact that their 4-year-old was screaming because the baby had a fist full of their hair.

Still others had a completely blank expression. Not happy, not sad or angry. Not even thoughtful as they debated over which brand of yogurt to get. I followed one mom wondering, "What is she thinking?"

The smallest portion looked happy. They were either without kids (like myself) or their child was being a complete angel for once and they were gloating (it's okay, it's well deserved!). Or maybe they had just snagged a great deal on Double Stuf Oreos.

People watching is so much fun - but please, Moms of the World, smile once and a while. It will keep you from having frown lines and smiling is proven to help release endorphins which help you feel better anyway!

Happy Shopping!


Stefanie said...

This is Hilarious! I find myself using the angry face most of the time when I shop because my girls are always with me when I shop. They are always fighting. LOL

Tiana said...

I agree, Hilarious! How funny that you bring this up b/c I was watching this lady with her two "grown" and arguing children and I thought she was going to murder one of them. Her "I'm going to murder one of them" expression never changed the entire time. Having listened to her son, I too was thinking the same thing though! haha

Anonymous said...

I love this! I sometimes notice people looking at me like I'm insane as I make googly faces at Samantha (2 1/2 months) while asking her if we want bananas or strawberries. Better to get stared at for being happy than angery :) I have to admit I sometimes have the other looks too though, especially the blank stare!


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