Thursday, June 3, 2010

To train or not to train

Mac is almost 2.5. Sarah Bradley was day-time potty trained at 2.5, so it seems like the right time to break out the pull-ups and big-boy pants.

He wants to go potty. He wants to take his diaper off and sit down. He never does anything - but he wants to. Maybe he is ready to potty train.

But I'm not ready. I just potty trained SB last summer. I'm not ready to do this again! Not to mention the fact that SB is a girl - she was relatively easy to train. But this whole boy thing and making sure pointing the right direction is a daunting idea.

That and I don't want to admit that my baby is growing up. We missed out on the first 10 months of his life - he's only been home 18 months - I'm not ready for my baby to be a big boy just yet.

The signs, however, are there. Mac is growing up and he's getting ready to say adios to diapers (that part would be most welcome!).

For example, the other day, I went into his room after his nap and found him naked from the waist down. The floor was soaked and the bed was soaked - he had peed all over the place.
Then, I smelled it. Poop. My dear son, it seemed, had taken his diaper off, backed up against his diaper genie and pooped on it. The pee was just for fun, I assume.

He was quite pleased with himself. Me not so much.

Where did I put those pull-ups again?

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