Saturday, June 19, 2010

Toddlers vs. Frat Parties

Ever notice how having kids is a lot like being at a college frat party? No? Let's compare:

1. Someone's always naked.
2. There's always a line for the bathroom.
3. Clothes are scattered all over the floor and you don't know who's underpants those are...
4. Someone is always angry and ready to throw punches.

5. Someone's always yelling for another drink.
6. There's one person who's just looking for a warm body to cuddle with.
7. Someone winds up covered in mud and dirt.
8. They sing the same songs over and over. It's always off key and they only know the chorus.
9. There's a funky smell over in the corner and you don't know why...
10. Jokes are always funny, even when you have no clue what the joke-teller just said.
11. There are new stains on the couch and you don't even bother to ask what it is. You don't want to know.
12. You find someone passed out in the oddest place, in the strangest position...

13. One kid always winds up well inked.
14. Screaming at the top of one's lungs is a regular occurrence.
15. Somewhere, someone has their hand down their pants. 

See? Who said being a mom wasn't a huge party? Feel free to add your own in our comments section!


Sbrahm said...

You are so funny, thanks for the laugh!

Molly said...

*lol* Very, very true...

Unknown said...

Having worked for a fraternity for the last several years, I can say with certainty, that this is indeed the anatomy of a frat party! Party on, Alli!

Holly said...

This one has been flying around my friend's facebook status' sooooo funny!!!! :D

Beth said...

Having never been to a frat party, I am glad to know that my life is now complete and I can check that experience of my list...this is soooo my life every day!


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