Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Steamy Love Affair

Dear S, 

I hate that we have to keep meeting like this. Quietly, when nobody is around. Sneaking around after the sun has gone down and the kids are asleep...or occasionally when Marshall is around to watch the kids. I wonder if he suspects. I mean, part of me wishes he did - this is an awful lot of effort for no one to know.

I can't wait till we can be together again. To feel your long fingers running through my hair, massaging my back and tickling the back of my knees. I so enjoy getting all hot and steamy. 

Maybe, one day, we can be together out in the open. I wouldn't care if everyone knew. But right now it could lead to destructive behaviors for the kids. I hope you understand.

We have known each other for years, haven't we? We used to meet up at any time of day and spend a lot of time together. One day we will be able to do that again, I promise.

Until then, I will await our clandestine meetings. And you will forever be my...shower.


Molly said...

He he, you must get about as many showers ad I do... I knew the shower was coming as soon as I got through the first sentence.. :D

Allison said...

LOL Molly... Getting in the shower in the morning is like hitting the lottery for me!


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