Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taking Family Pictures

I think every mom anticipates and dreads Family Picture Time when it rolls around.

One one hand, you get so excited because you get to dress up, go somewhere fun, be together as a family and wind up with a gorgeous portrait for your wall.

On the other hand, you have to get dressed up, drag the kids somewhere (not to mention the husband), get stuck arguing over where to go to eat afterward and you cross your fingers that the picture looks as good life-size as it did on a tiny computer screen.

As a former photographer, I always look forward to picture days. I took my daughter every month of her first year. I still take the kids probably 4 times a year (and no, I don't do our family pictures, I'm not crazy) for professional portraits.

Now our routine goes something like this:

Hubby shaves and put on the shirt I picked out for him. He's ready.

Son had his personal valet dress him and comb him hair. He's ready. Ten seconds before we walk out the door, he needs a diaper change and his new shirt is covered in something sticky. I send husband to find alternate shirt which looks hideous. I go find new shirt.

Daughter runs from me as I chase her with spray and a comb. Then she runs from me as I chase her down with the chosen dress in hand...She won't wear chosen dress because it has one iota of a non-pink color. In sheer exasperation, I tell her to pick out whatever she wants and hurry.

Finally, it's my turn. We needed to leave 5 minutes ago, I'm not dressed, no make up, and I have no shoes. I rush to throw on a shirt that's not stained and pray that my pants won't be in the scene. I put on make up as I find that alternate shirt for my son only to realize in the car that I didn't get eyeliner on both eyes. My shoes don't match.

Yet, when we're sitting pretty for the photographer (who, thank God, is my husband's wonderful aunt), we're relaxed and laughing.

I love Family Picture Day.


Anita C. McCants said...

Wow, for a family that went
through so much, you guys
look so ready and relaxed.
Great photo! Beautiful family!

BestPit said...

I can totally relate. We just took family pictures last Saturday. An event to get there but very fun.


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