Friday, July 23, 2010

What Frustrates Moms...

I had a grand idea to write a book called Motherhood: From Loving it to Hating it and Back Again (One Mother's Satirical Take on Infertility, Pregnancy, Adoption and Parenting). Currently it's sidelined because I'm deep in the trenches doing research (aka: being a mommy). I'm also trying to maintain house, keep the romance alive and write 3 fiction novels. So this project is on the back burner.
But I did get the chance to make a survey and had 166 people so far respond to it. If you would like to take my motherhood survey, please go here:

One of the questions I asked was "What is the most infuriating thing about motherhood? About your children?"

Here are some of the (anonymous) responses I've gotten. I'm sure you will be able to identify with a few...
  • I wish my 9 year old would take school a bit more seriously...he is so capable, but puts no effort in his studies. I'm sure this is typical of many his age. :) Also, his slowness in doing things he doesn't want to do. It once took him 8 hours to sweep our back porch. He is as stubborn as I am!
  • Sassing me, back talking, that is the most infuriating thing. I don't appreciate having myself being questioned by her. 
  • When my oldest turned 3, she began to throw major fits when something did not suit her just right. She is still doing this, and nothing we have tried seems to get through to her. I am hoping she gets past this "stage" sometime soon. It is so very, very frustrating!
  • The most infuriating thing is the lack of time for yourself. When I was a SAHM, I went a little crazy. I became "Anna's* mom", not Mary*, and that was very frustrating. I cried more those months than I have the rest of my life combined. 
  • When you feel like you can't do anything right! Your child is crying, you are crying, your husband is either not at home or not helping! it makes you feel like a failure! 
  • Trying to balance being a mom and a wife and a woman ... finding the balance between having time to myself and fulfilling my roles as mom and wife.
  • Sometimes I feel like the poop and drool are never ending. 
And the top answer? This one sums it up rather well... 
  • The day-in, day-out monotony can oftentimes be soul-crushing. Especially when they're very young, the same routine every day of mostly sleepless night, nurse, diaper change, fuss, nurse, nap, nurse, etc. becomes difficult to take. When your toddler has a day of nothing but screaming angrily at everything you do, you wonder if you were really cut out for this monumental task of parenthood. When bone-numbing weariness sets in, it can be difficult to see the bright side. 
See? It's not you. It's all of us. Let's plan a girls night out! 

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