Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Difference Between Being Religious and Being a Christian

Sparked by a conversation I had the other day, I wanted to give you my most humble take on the difference between being Religious and being a Christian.

I am a Christ-follower. I try to live a life that is pleasing to God. I know I fail miserably at times because I'm a huge sinner just like the rest of us (don't let my seemingly perfect life fool you! LOL!).

Sometimes people call me religious, which I'm not. Religious people seem to be all caught up in the politics of "The Church" and the rules everyone has to follow (rules they are all to happy to point out to those who fall short).

I am just a Christ-follower. I try to live my life the way God wants me to and not by the rules other people have. People rules are often not God rules. I'm happy to live by God's rules for my life. Things go so much smoother that way!

The church we attend is not like most churches - but I know a lot of people are turning to non-denominational churches because they don't put restrictions on WHO comes in, WHAT they wear or HOW they look - as long as they're on fire for Christ. 

Religious people would probably call my church hell-raisers because our band plays Lynard Skynard mixed in with the worship songs. We rock out, I'm telling you.

Now, I know not all Christians want the rock experience at church. That's fine. There are thousands of different types of churches. The goal is to find one that teaches Biblical truths in a setting that will allow you to grow spiritually in an environment you can feel comfortable in.

It's all personal preference. I wish different Christian denominations stopped focusing on their differences and just centered on Christ and the truths of the Bible. It's like the Pharisees in Jesus' day. So many church people are so caught up in religion that they stop looking at the prize - life in Christ. Why can't we just do that and let people worship in the style we chose? Why do we have to put a label on it and make different denominations essentially war over some things that aren't even in the Bible to begin with? 

And if you're not a Christ follower who happens to be reading this... let me share this little tidbit with you.

I am a control freak... the hardest thing I will EVER do in life is giving control to God. But you know what? When I let Him be in charge things turn out so much better than when I try to control things. I try every day to give control over my life to Him. Both in the things that I can control and the things I can not. Especially the things I can not! 
Let me tell you - there are so many things in this world I can not control. But letting God take the reins has been so much more fruitful than me attempting to recklessly control them myself. He has my best interest at heart. He has yours at heart, too. Let Him lead the way - He will never lead you wrong. Just look at my life. I would be such a train wreck if God wasn't leading me down the track.

Living for Christ is not an easy decision, but it's the best one anyone can ever make. I'm not religious, but I am a Christian. Thank God!

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Sandy Brahm said...

I praise God You are a Christ-Follower.


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