Sunday, August 29, 2010

Heros: Take Five

Today's hero has just finished her own race. Much like I talk about finishing a race, this friend of mine has just finished her own race and come out victorious!

Kim has been a dear friend of mine for many years. This winter she told me she was going to the doctor's because of a lump on her collarbone. Turns out that lump was Lymphoma. Lymphoma, if you don't know, if a form of cancer.

Kim finished up her chemo treatments this month and is now considered in remission! I'm so proud of her!

In addition to battling cancer, Kim is an amazing mother to three beautiful children. Her oldest is 7, middle is 6 and her youngest is about to turn 4.

How she found the strength to parent her children and go through the treatments is beyond me. I know she had help, but still. She is such a strong, beautiful woman!

Love you, Kim! You are my hero today for being such a good friend and for beating the cancer!

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