Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Let me tell you what a beautiful girl my niece Madison is. I've talked about her here before.

Madison is 13, she's in the 8th grade. She's a very perky blonde who loves her friends and her family and she just exudes happiness. She's becoming an even more beautiful young Christian and that alone could make me cry.

In two day Madison will be having surgery to try to remove an optic glioma tumor from behind her left eye. This is brain surgery, friends, and she would appreciate every prayer you can send up for her.

She's had this tumor pretty much her whole life, but only now is it growing and causing headaches. Removal is the best option right now. 

I know Madison will pull through this. I know God will use this later in her life be an advocate for other children and teens. She told me last week, "Auntie Al, I know God has a plan for me in all this." I love that girl.

But I know she's scared. I know her parents are scared too. I'm scared. But that's okay. I'm resting in the knowledge that my Lord will keep her safe and bring her through this and keep our Madison as only our Madison can be.

I've thought about posting pictures of me and Madison throughout her life up to now, but that makes it seem like something is over - when for this wonderful young lady, things are only beginning.

I love you Madison. You have my constant prayers. Call me when you wake up.

Us goofing off last week when I took her on a "date."

Love you Missy Moo. XOXO


Diane Garrett said...

Keeping her and the family in my prayers. Please keep us posted.

sheridan said...

Many prayers for Madison & your family!

Teresa said...

I just read about Madison. She is such a sweet young lady.
I will be praying also!


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