Friday, November 26, 2010

Let the Season Begin!

It's Black Friday - such a shame that this day is now more important in American culture than Thanksgiving. And we all should be giving thanks.

But it is officially Christmas season. One month till Christmas.

I'll talk more about Christmas in our house as we get closer to Dec. 25th. But here's an overview for you.

We only give the kids 3 gifts each plus a stocking.
Santa does not visit our house.
We always have cake on Christmas.
Each year we sponsor a child from the Angel Tree, DSS, or Toys for Tots. (this deadline is usually very early December, so if you're interested, get moving!)

I look forward to December every year. It's an important month for us. Lots happens in December for us. I can't wait to share all this with you!

But until then - if you've been out shopping this morning - go take a nap!

1 comment:

Beth said...

I love your Christmas rules. Awesome! =)


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