Sunday, December 19, 2010

Heros: Take Eleven

Here we are a week before Christmas. So hard to believe that another Christmas is here, another year ending and another birthday approaching.

Did I mention I'll be 30? Not that I'm worried about it or anything. It's just there. 30. After being in my 20s for so long - 10 years, you know - it's a new thing.

Anywho - my birthday has a lot to do with my hero today. It's my mom.

I certainly hope everyone's mom is there hero to some extent. I know mine is. And now that I'm about to turn 30, she's so much more than just my mom. She's my friend.

I don't know what to say about her. She's just a fantastic woman. She has been my number one Role Model - and not just because she's my mother, but because she's a terrific person. She sets a high standard, she's smart, she's talented and she's creative.

She taught me how to read and gave me a love for books. She taught me how to count and darn if I didn't try to love numbers (that one didn't work out so well). And she taught me how to be independent - Marshall tried to open the door for me for years with my coming back at him with, "I'm a capable woman, I can do it myself!"

My mother is also a voice of reason - and not always when I want to hear it. While she supports my hair brained ideas, she will point out any issues within my plans.

But she's forever encouraging as well. She has always taught me that if I want something, I need to go for it. She gave me the drive that now drives everyone around me crazy (see? blame my mother!). She taught me there's nothing I can't do.

When we brought Mac home and I told her I couldn't do it with two babies, she gave me a verbal slap across the face and told me to buck up - I could do it. It was the shock I needed at the time to get through day to day.

I wouldn't be who I am today without my mom. I know that's kind of a "duh" thing to say...but it's true. My mom is just an amazing person and I'm so thrilled God chose me for her child!

So thank you, Mom, for being my mom. I love you!

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