Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top 10: Best Christmas Gifts

My "critics" seem to think I have absolutely no Christmas spirit whatsoever. Oh well. I can't please everyone and if you don't like what I have to say, you can just not read my blog. Seriously.

But I do have Christmas spirit - tons of it. Ask my Bible Study - I used "jazz hands" just the other day.

Here are, in my opinion, the Top 10 Best Christmas Gifts.
  1. Anything home made by a child. Bonus points for things made of macaroni.
  2. Music. Music is the universal language and everyone appreciates music. So maybe Aunt Donna doesn't appreciate your taste in music, but iTunes is always in style!
  3. Omaha Steaks. My aunt has gotten in the habit of sending us some Omaha steaks and potatoes. Who doesn't love free steak?
  4. Spa packages. Doesn't matter if it's only for a few dollars. Anything that will make a woman feel pretty is a winning gift.
  5. Jewelry. And I mean the real stuff. My husband has been telling me for 13 Christmas's now that he started off bad when for our first Christmas he got me a diamond cross. He says topping it each year is too hard. But always a winner!
  6. Pictures. Either an actual picture of the receiver's loved ones or the gift of pictures - as in a gift card to their favorite photography studio. Memories are the best gifts!
  7. A book or book gift certificate. For me at least... books are worth their weight in gold. Bonus if you get someone a Kindle.
  8. A new car. Yes, it's far-fetched and I doubt it would ever happen. But we can all fantasize, right?
  9. A Bible. Letting someone know that God loves them is an amazing gift. Plant the seed of love and pray for it to grow! And you can never have too many Bibles.
  10. Time. I don't care who you are, a date with someone you love is the very, very best gift. We put little slips of paper with prizes in our advent calendar. Each person has a slip of paper to get a "date" with each other person. Giving the gift of time is the best gift anyone can ever get.


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