Monday, January 17, 2011

A Dog with A Bone

There are so many opportunities I am looking at right now. My mom says I'm like a dog with a bone - I need something to do at all times and whatever it is consumed my every fiber of being. It's true - I am constantly going from project to project and I can't stand to not have something going on. Sure, I'll take a week off here or there between projects, but then I need to jump right back in the saddle.

There are many things I'm attempting to heap onto my plate right now...some won't pan out and they'll be dropped like yesterday's orange peels, but others will and they will become my New Projects.

Have you ever been on a mission trip? I know many people who have, but I have not gone on one before, though I've always thought about it. Recently the adoption agency/attorney we went through before posted that they will be going on a mission trip to Uganda this summer. I want to go. Adopting from Uganda has been laid on my heart recently, though we can not afford it right now. But going to the orphanage to help build, paint and take care of the babies would be a privilege and maybe tide me over until we can adopt.

Writing is my passion - you know that. Writing about adoption, parenting, every day life...Pre-Children I worked as a reporter for a newspaper. Not ten minutes ago I posted my resume and samples of my work to another newspaper to become a freelance writer. Something to keep me writing, bring in a little income and get me some more published experience.

Also along with writing...I'm working very hard on a new novel. Yes, I have one done but not published. I have the sequel to that about half done and now I'm almost half-way through an entirely different story. I love it. I feel my characters like they are alive in my head (or maybe I just have multiple personality disorder). I am writing when I can and also hoping to attend my first writer's conference this spring.

Something else I feel passionately about is womens ministries - moms specifically. I love helping to lead our womens Bible study at church and lately have felt that ministering to moms is something I would like to do. Marshall and I have talked and are praying about and planning a video-based moms ministry website. I'm hoping to have more info on that soon!

So that's my plate full of bones... I'm gnawing on them all right now and we'll see what God leads me to and what He takes away! God Bless you this week!

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