Sunday, January 9, 2011

Heros: Take Thirteen. My Favorite Author

Ah, lucky Thirteen...

I hope today's hero won't mind! She's someone I aspire to be like in a professional sense. Her name is Liz Curtis Higgs and she's an author of Christian fiction, Bible studies/nonfiction and she's a public speaker. She calls herself "an encourager," and I wholeheartedly agree!

Liz has a lot of fans in the Christian community. And I certainly am one. I love reading her books, I've read her non-fiction and I would love to hear her speak. But what I love most about Miss Liz is that she takes the time to respond to her fans. 

Two years ago I had the privilege of going to Scotland. Liz writes all her fiction pieces based in Scotland and travels there often. So I sent her an email asking for advice. She wrote me right back. Personally. I don't know about you, but if I were someone in the "public eye," having good fan relations would be very important, especially as a Christian "celebrity" and she does just that.

This past fall I convinced my ladies' Bible study to do Bad Girls of the Bible, Liz's best selling study book (I think). I wrote on her facebook page to let her know how excited I was about it and she sent me autographed bookplates, bookmarks, magnets and more to hand out to my group (all for free, mind you).

And not only that, but she's an exceptional writer. She immediately draws you into the story. Her characters spring to life on the pages. Her insight is fascinating, as she writes fiction based upon stories in the Bible (a series on Jacob, Leah & Rachel and now one on Ruth & Naomi). You feel like you are standing there, eavesdropping on the lives of her characters.

Oh, I long to be like Miss Liz. I want to write novels that people curl up with on cold winter nights and warm sunny afternoons. I want to write non-fiction pieces that have people taking a second look at things and chuckling to themselves along the way. And I want to speak to other women and let them know that no matter what is happening in their life they are NOT alone. Other people understand their pain and their struggles and more than that God understands. I want to stand before other women and encourage them in a loving way.

So, Liz, if you ever read this, you are my hero! Thank you for being a loving Christian example for me!

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Liz Curtis Higgs said...

Allison, you are ADORABLE! I'm truly honored to be your "favorite author," and blessed that you've read both my fiction and nonfiction. But mostly I'm grateful we made a heart-to-heart connection via mail, email, and Facebook. It is PURE JOY to encourage my sisters in Christ...especially YOU! Have a fab week, sis!


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