Friday, January 28, 2011

Top 10: What Pets are Afraid of...

When it comes to children in the home.

  1. Your position being usurped by a screaming, vomiting, dangerous little human.
  2. Death by flushing (for fish and other small creatures).
  3. The kid eating all your food (be it those scraps they now feed to the small human or the small human actually eating your food).
  4. Being stepped on.
  5. Death by squeeze (for larger and fluffier animals).
  6. Having your tail or ears pulled.
  7. Being treated as a PTV (personal transport vehicle).
  8. Getting spanked for peeing on the annoying mini-human's toys.
  9. Eating homework when you don't even know what homework is.
  10. Being blamed for the mini-human's messes and broken items.

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