Saturday, February 19, 2011

Children, Not Strippers

I don't know what clothing manufacturers were thinking when they thought that elementary school age girls needed to look like tiny hookers, but that has to be it. How else would you explain the plethora of micro-sized stripper wear put out for girls sizes 6 and up?

SB has just turned 4, but she wears a 6 or 6X (what is the X anyway?). Suddenly the cute clothes of baby, toddler and prechool-hood are gone. No more fluffy skirts. No more Peter Pan collars and adorable little ducks and ladybugs.

Children's Place. Hip, but modest.

Now the options are Justin Beiber and Zac Efron or Wizards of Waverly Place (and I don't even know what that is!). And full-cut tshirts have given way to lady-cut thirts. What girl between the ages of 4 and 11 needs the lady cut? NONE OF THEM! Dresses boast a revealing jewel or sweetheart neckline which is fine for an adult, but not fine for my little girl.

Also Children's Place. WHY WHY WHY???? would you do this to your child?

Seriously? Notice the lady cut of the shirt...
I just did a google search of "girls size 7 clothes," and this is what came up:

the website is called "" At first I read it as ""
To be fair, I also got this, which I think is pretty cute and still fairly childish:

this was on an eBay listing
I know other parents agree with me. So why are clothing manufacturers at Sears, Penney's and WalMart still churning out trash for our children to wear. It seems one has to stop in a pricey boutique to find cute, modest and still (little) girly for these not-quite-tweens to wear.

I mean, seriously, our children grow up fast enough. Let's not force them to look like child hookers a la Brooke Shields ca 1980 on top of it.


Michelle said...

I agree! I am glad Carly is still in size 4!

Faith said...

Completely agree with you. We are very lucky in that Sarah gets most of her clothes as hand-me downs from a close friend who's daughter is the same age but a size bigger. Her mom agrees with the modesty issue and yet, still there are some times that I have to put a nix in it. My biggest issue is tank tops)for Sarah) so that her bra shows and shorts that are really short. Her legs are REALLY long and even long shorts can make her look a bit too "sexy" for my liking.

sheridan said...

Totally agree about the difficulties of finding modest clothing for my girls.

Even some of the toddler wear is getting out of hand.

Lisa said...

It's ridiculous. Even the toddler clothes are getting slutty. I bought a sundress from Gap for Mercy, and it was adorable. I put it on her, and it was cut so low with a dipping neckline, that it barely covered her nipples. I had to get a little t-shirt to wear under it. I also hate all the sassy slogans on toddler wear. I think I'm going to have to start making her clothes (and I have so much extra time to do that!)


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