Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Mac

I can't believe my baby boy is 3 today.

As I've told people before, it's a strange sensation seeing as I was not there when he was born. The actual day he was born holds no recollection for me and that makes me sad. This is the one day of the year it saddens me that I did not birth him. And it's a day I mourn over his loss of his first family, however dysfunctional.

Those thoughts, however, are fleeting as I celebrate the life that we have with our son. We may have missed his birth, but this is the 3rd birthday we celebrate with him and that's more important.

Mac is growing and thriving after such touch start. He's such a fighter and a spirited little boy. He made it through being removed and moved again before coming home, he made it though all his allergy ordeals, he's made it through minor surgery (tubes in, adenoids out), through court and adoption and dealing with this wacky family - of which he is 100% a part.

So I celebrate the life of my son today, ever thankful to God for making him a part of my life.

Happy Birthday Mackie. I love you!

Birthday One
Birthday Two
Not quite birthday Three... but it was this weekend!

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