Monday, February 28, 2011

The Mohawk

If you see us often enough, you know Mac has been rocking the 'hawk since October.

Do you know WHY he's been rocking the 'hawk? Because he's mine.

When we were in the midst of our custody ordeal, praying and wondering daily if we would get to adopt him, I was a little crazy (okay, a lot crazy).
So one day I said, "When his adoption is final, I'm giving him a mohawk." Marshall agreed. He knows better that to try to argue with crazy me.

Why, you may ask? It was my way of branding him. Marking Mac as one of ours. No longer did we have to follow the state's rules (which were not that bad, truth be told, they were really pretty agreeable), no longer did we have to worry about what the bio-relatives he had visitation with think. No longer did we have attorneys who might misconstrue a simple haircut as us being drug addicts or something like that. I just wanted something that outwardly announced Mac as OURS (especially since everyone already knew him by his adoptive name).

So a few weeks after his adoption, we gave him a mohawk. I had just meant it to be a one-time thing, to be cut off at the next hair cut. But it's stuck. He's had that thing since before Halloween.

Over the weekend it was time for a haircut. We ask Mac every time if he wants to keep the 'hawk or cut it off, and every time he wants to keep it. So Marshall really buzzed down the sides (he kept them a little longer before). It's a real mohawk now. My mother-in-law will not be happy.

At church yesterday morning he was the center of attention. He usually garners a good bit of attention as he's very personable and will talk to everyone. But as we walked in every eye turned toward him. People smiled, many said hi. A little old lady knuckle-bumped him. A little old lady! Not to mention the fact that on top of the mohawk he was also rocking a tuxedo tshirt - Loving on Jesus outside the box!

But as we walked, I was thinking, "Rock on. This is MY SON. Nobody but God can take him away from me now."

It's all in the mohawk, baby.

I see visions of his prom in this pic...jeans, tuxedo tshirt and a mohawk. Class clown award, here he comes!


Hogan said...

We are praying one day very soon we can adopt our kids and have the freedom to "brand them ours", and no longer have to restrict ourselves to state rules and other peoples opinions about how we should raise our kids they hardly know. More importantly, we want the kids to have closure, to not have to live as foster kids for ever, but to know we are a family and they belong here (they know this but the reminder of being foster always upsets them), to feel more normal.
I love the "hawk", and he wears it well.;-)

cbrueggie said...

al: my boys get hawks every summer. they've HATED them. for his last haircut, spidey decided he wanted one, and he's worn it spiked every day!

for me, it's not marking them so much as a "i couldn't have one as a kid so my kids will!"


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