Saturday, March 12, 2011


It's been a week full of injuries in our family. Well for the children at least.

On Wednesday SB fell at school. No one is still very clear as to what happened...she only says she fell and hit her mouth somewhere around the window at school. But it was enough for me to take her to the dentist, as one of her front teeth was noticeably shifted in her mouth. The next morning her entire mouth was swollen up and the inside of her lip was black. Luckily all seems to be okay without too much issue. She goes back next week for a followup and we're praying she won't lose a tooth (though she's very excited at the prospect of getting a prize for losing her tooth).

Then today Mac misstepped and fell out of the car. I was standing right there, but my arms were full of school bags and picnic bags and it was just a split second. His did hit the back of his head, but there was no bleeding and he was back to normal a few minutes later. No bleeding, thankfully.

It rattles my nerves when my children are hurt. I hurt for them and I berate myself for not being there to stop the fall (especially when I'm right there).

I guess it's just a part of motherhood, but man, it's one part I wish I could skip...

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