Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Squeaky Wheel

I am a squeaky wheel type.

I bug and bug and bug and bug someone until they get so exasperated with me they get what I need done...done.

When we were going through all the court and legal stuff with Mac's adoption, I called and emailed people daily. Sometimes more than once a day. I wanted to make sure my son didn't fall through the cracks or was just another faceless case file. I emailed his picture to everyone who was involved with his case so they would see the sweet boy who needed them to work for him. I am convinced that without that harassment prodding encouragement from me, we would still be waiting.

And I'm that way with anything. If I need someone to call me back about something else, I call, email, text, call again until I get the answer or paper or whatever I need.

Is it annoying? For the person I'm bugging, yes it is! I promise it is. People get mad at and tired of me. I don't care, as long as it produces results.
Is it annoying for me? It can be, if it takes a while. But if I will get XYZ a week sooner by calling someone a few extra times, I don't mind in the least.

I know some people see this as a character flaw, but not me. To me this is an asset. I get things done. I do not usually procrastinate, and heaven forbid if you procrastinate on something I've asked you to do (just as my husband...hell hath no wrath like a put off wife!).

So I'm the squeaky wheel. I'm proud of that.

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