Monday, April 4, 2011

How Not to Photograph Your Children

In our attempt to save money, I'm working very hard to take the kids pictures myself (or have Marshall work with me in taking them). I mean, I've done this for a living for would think it was a piece of cake. But it's not.

Now, I should tell you, I hate doing the kids' pictures. For several reasons.
1. I'm Mom and there's no way the kids are going to listen to me - it's much more fun to listen to and obey to complete strangers.
2. I am too critical of my own work, especially when the subjects are my children.
3. It's much more time consuming than going into a studio, sitting for 30 minutes while the photographer does her work, then picking the pictures up a week later.

And there are more, but that covers most of it. So today we went to Brookgreen Gardens in Murrells Inlet and took the kids' Easter pics to avoid paying $100 for them.
If we had it - I would have rather paid the $100.

Here's why:

Occasionally a good one turns up. I'll have to photoshop SB's tooth (and now you can see what happens when you fall on a window sill), but lovely pictures nonetheless!


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't photoshop the tooth. That's how she looks right now ... I'd leave it like that! She's adorable!


Allison said...

Terry, I am hoping the tooth is temporary. We do have pics with the tooth, but for the official pics, I want it to look normal!


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