Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Unspoken Hero

Today is Mother's Day.

And today I want to recognize all the moms out there who are missing children from their arms.

Whether it is from infertility, loss...however those arms are empty. There are moms out there without children. They are my hero today.

We went through a few years before SB was born where the minute we walked into church I stood out in the crowd. One of the only ladies who did not have a carnation handed to her to mark her as a mother. Those were difficult times. People told us we needed to get on the ball. We were trying... apparently our ball wasn't rolling like the others.

Then the moms had to stand up to be recognized. Again, I was one of the only ones over the age of 20 who wasn't standing.

It hurt. But I was hopeful. I knew one day I would be a mother. And now I am. I have two beautiful blessings here on earth and two more waiting for me in heaven.

But it's a hard day.

So if you are an unseen mother who's children are not in your arms - whether they're in heaven or they haven't made it to your arms yet - this Mother's Day is for you.

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~April~ said...

Wow... thank you for this post.


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