Saturday, June 25, 2011

I am a Gardening Genius

And by Genius I mean, "I have no idea what I'm doing but God sure does because our garden is off the chain!" (I totally don't know what "off the chain" means aside from I hear the Cool Kids say it at the mall, so I assume it's something grandiose and wonderful.)

Totally off the chain. Totally.

So back in the spring, when it wasn't 10 bajillion degrees outside, the kids and I decided to plant a garden. Like a real one. Like, I made Marshall borrow my dad's dirt tiller thing and make me a garden. With rows and everything. (How very domestic of me!)
So the kids and I got seeds and these little planter things so your seeds could sprout. The kids loved it. We planted and day by day we agonized over watched the seeds sprout. It was very cool.

Then came the wonderous day when we planted our little spoutlings in our totally awesome for real dirt garden. If you know me you know what an accomplishment this is. I touched dirt ON PURPOSE. I deserve a medal.

Then the garden took off. I was shocked. I mean - it's producing real food. Food we can actually EAT. It's amazing. Why don't more people do this? Seriously - it's the best thing ever. I spent $0.20 on a packet of cucumber seeds and we're now swimming in them! I'm giving them away, we're snacking on them all day long. I now want to make homemade pickles! I just saved us like $200 (okay, maybe it's more like $10, but whatev...).
And we're total squash addicts here. Fried zucchini? Yes, please! Sauteed yellow squash? Mmmmm, Yummy! We have more squash than we can handle. I won't need to buy veggies for the rest of the summer. I even shredded a yellow squash this week and secretly added it to spaghetti sauce. Shhh, don't tell the kids.
We're also growing beans - which I have a handful of, and tomatoes which are currently refusing to ripen and are giving me so much grief!

And somewhere in the mix are supposed to be peas and okra, but I'm not sure if they're going to actually grow edible stuff or not. And we have some carrots with quite a coiffer of green up top, but when I looked underneath, it was very sad. And that poor carrot died. So sorry, little carrot.

So I am a genius. I planted about $2 worth of seeds thinking the kid would just enjoy watching them sprout and I've now saved us a ton of money and I don't have to go to the store for fresh veggies!
This summer: a garden. Next summer: the world!

Beans and some of our delish cukes.
Next year: no pumpkins along the driveway.


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