Friday, June 10, 2011

They Said This Might Happen...

I was told this could happen when it came to Mac's allergies.

I don't want to speak too soon for fear of being come close and let me whisper this...

I think he's outgrowing his allergies. Shhhh. Don't jinx it! Moms of allergic kids know what I mean - it's a big deal.

When he was diagnosed, we were told he was allergic to all dairy, soy, almonds, beef, pork & turkey. Now, the turkey was very mild. He's eaten it all along. The pork and beef gave him some very bad excema. The dairy and soy were the big issue with the GI problems.

So since October of 2009 we've avoided giving him all that fun stuff. It's not been easy. Ice cream at parties? Nope, not at our house. Those all-beef hotdogs that are all the rage right now? We got all chicken dogs. Seriously, I didn't like them. After one package I started getting Mac the chicken and the rest of us regular dogs. We cook with ground turkey. Making mashed potatoes required using rice milk and dairy/soy free butter substitute. We made concessions and changed a lot of things in our diets.
And of course we didn't mind - Mac is our son and if changing our eating habits made him healthier, we were all for it (and if it gave us benefits as well, all the better!)

About a year later we started giving Mac pork products - chops, bacon, pepperoni, etc. No problems arose. We were very excited. We're still cautious, limiting pork to once a week, but he can eat it.
Then we tried beef. Mac wound up with a nasty excema rash on his face (why does it have to be on his face?). Okay, still no beef.

We've left it at that for a long while. Keeping him clear of dairy, soy and beef (the almond thing never did much - we don't eat a lot of almonds...but it was a very mild allergy).

One of our favorite places of Chick-Fil-A. The kids like to trade in their book for the treat. SB gets ice cream and Mac gets a little bowl full of cherries. He loves his cherries. And as he would give SB a few cherries, she would give him a lick of ice cream. Until I notice that it didn't do anything to him digestively.
So last week we went to play putt-putt and got ice cream. Mac got one of those GIANT lollipops. But we decided to experiment. He had several spoonfuls of ice cream. I waited with baited breath. Nothing happened.
So I went out and got Cheeto's. Something we all love but I never got - cheesy crackers and snacks. Mac has been eating Cheeto's for two days and he's been fine.

I'm still waiting to see what happens. I might be setting my son up for a big downfall. But then again, maybe we can start keeping ice cream in the house again. And having regular milk and eating pizza with cheese on it.

I'm hoping I'm right. I'm praying my son is finally outgrowing his allergy. We were told most kids outgrow these allergies by age 3. If they are not outgrown by age 5 they are probably life-long. Please, let this season of allergies be over for my sweet boy!

Mac eating a Cheeto - powdered cheesy goodness

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