Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Bonus Children

I have two bonus children. Didn't know that, did you?
Actually, you probably did. C & A are my bestie's two girls and I keep them while she and her husband work.

My kids plus the bonus back in January
I was telling a friend today that Marshall and I have always said we wanted 4 children - eventually. Right now it's like having triplets and a baby/almost toddler. It's tough. But I like the experience I'm getting handling four. And, it's comfortable. Hectic, but comfortable.

Today I took all four to Chick-Fil-A for lunch because I didn't feel like making them all lunch and wanted to wear them out. Mission accomplished.
We met a friend and her 3-year-old little girl at CFA for lunch. Her daughter is in Mac's class at school. My friend is expecting her 2nd child in the winter and commented to me - as I was sweating profusely trying to get food set out for three children plus keep the baby from standing up in the high chair with wheels, "Wow, you really have them under control and you're so calm!"
Now, if you know me, you know I looked at my new friend with my eyebrows raised up, "Under control? Calm? I think I'm having heart palpitations!"

But I really appreciated the comment. It made me think maybe I could really do four children - one day. And maybe more spaced out in age.
For now, my two plus the Bonus Children are enough.

Mac, SB, Alyssa & Carly this past June


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