Monday, August 1, 2011

Purple Rain, Purple Rain

Since we are kidless this week, and my BFF and her hubby are at 1/2 kid capacity this week, we said, "Hey, come over for dinner, we'll put the baby to bed and we can play games and do each other's hair." The BFF said, "Sounds wonderful!"

So I thought the best idea in the entire world was to put purple streaks in my hair. I got a home kit for $10 that had the bleach and color all in one and was very excited. The BFF said she wanted to try a little purple streak as well, and she brought a box of "Very Light Ash Blond." Thankfully, she is already blond, so this was not a big departure for her.

So then Michelle says, "First things first, let's open it up."
And I said, "No, first things first, let's get the camera! This is going on the blog!"

So first - the purple.

Here is my before picture:

Hey - you can actually see my natural curl here...
Mix it up...


I promise I wasn't scared...too much. I mean, I would trust Michelle with my life. But with my hair? We'll see how it goes.

Not that you can see the dark purple streaks getting to work on my hair, but this is my "waiting" picture.

While I was waiting, I did Michelle's hair.

She was thrilled that I kept taking pictures of her.
While we waited we had ice cream cake. And I introduced her to The Blogess. She loved it, Blogess, if you ever read this. I am adding to your legions!

Then I rinsed my hair. And we had the first snafu in the purple hair experience.
Purple Rain. Literally. The purple DYED MY SHOWER PURPLE!

Do you see the streaks???
I came forth and told Marshall, "Don't worry. I will clean it up." (And I totally will. One of these days. I hope bleach does it.)
Then Michelle rinsed hers out...
Here's Michelle's hair with her little purple streak...

Of course we can see things better with dry hair. And since I have about 8,000 times MORE hair than the average person, it was easier to dry Michelle's...

See it? Doesn't it look super cool and amazing? And the all-over color looks great as well.

Now for mine...

Harder to see on my dark hair, and it's still wet, but hopefully you can see something there.

My hair absorbs color, so I'm not surprised it wasn't as bold as I would have liked, but it's all good. We had a great time.

PS - Are you wondering what the men did while we were experimenting with hair color?

Michelle's hubby put on baby clothes and got stuck

My hubby quietly sat back and took it all in...

But then, by now, he's used to our antics...


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