Monday, September 19, 2011

The Way You Do The Things You Do

My husband does not do things the way I do them. Please note: What he does is not wrong. Just different. Verrrrrrry different.

Take our morning for example. Once in a blue moon I ask him to get up with the kids in the morning. It's rare because - as previously stated - he's not a morning person.

When I get up I immediately let the dogs out, then prepare breakfast. I get the kids settled with their food and let the dogs in and feed them. While they eat I rush to the bathroom to wash and brush. Then I get Mac dressed, then I get SB dressed and ask her to brush her hair. They brush teeth. I make sure everything is in their backpacks for school. Then I go on a quest to 147 lost shoes because none match. Ever. Then someone needs a hairbow or socks or something else. Then shoes go on. Backpacks go on. (This is where Marshall wakes up...) Kisses and hugs. Everyone out the door.

When Marshall gets up, he wanders around the kitchen and finds something to feed the kids. Then he collapses back in bed or lays on the couch for a few minutes. The kids eat, play, and general merriment ensues. Then about fifteen minutes before they need to leave, he gets back up, tells the kids to get dressed. SB can usually dress herself, but he helps Mac who usually comes out looking like a mismatched lumberjack ("But both shirt and shorts have green in them..."). He tells them to get shoes on, and when they can't find them he does not know their usual hiding places, so then it's pandemonium to find shoes. (This is where I usually get up and let the dogs out because they've been scratching at their crate for 45 minutes.) Now they have about 2 minutes before they need to leave, still need shoes, backpacks, teeth brushed and whatnot else. Then they're out the door with me feeling more exhausted from how close to late they are than if I had gotten up in the first place.

Now - did he do anything wrong? No. Not at all. They still got their things, ate breakfast and made it to school. Just not how I would have done it. At all. But the kids love it when Daddy gets up with them in the morning. And he probably thinks I enjoy "sleeping in." But unless I'm truly exhausted, I am wide awake the whole time, laying in bed, listening to the chaos coming from outside my door.

To my wonderful hubby... it may not be how I do things, but it's the way you do the things you do...


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