Thursday, September 29, 2011

What's Under There?

Recently in one of the circles I travel we were discussing where things wind up - particularly things that wind up under the bed. I thought I would share the contents of our under-beds with you.

Now, under SB's twin bed is a toddler bed. It's what Mac uses when we have guests staying with us. But shoved around the edges of that are a variety of toys (mainly the small and toss-able kind). And shoes. And baby doll clothes, bottles, etc.

Mac, lucky kid, sleeps in a queen sized bed. When he graduated from the crib, the queen was already in there for guests, so he just slept there. There is a lot of stuff under his large bed. My doll collection being one thing. And luggage. And toys, stray socks and who knows what else!

Now, under our bed is some soft luggage, my Bachelor's degree (wonderful place to keep it, there), a world of missing left socks, bedroom slippers, a heating blanket and an entire population of dust bunnies.

I would take a picture to show you, but my household is asleep and I can't go around with the camera flash going off all over the place.

So what's under YOUR bed? Do you keep it clean? Cluttered?


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