Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And what is her name?

This weekend we went to a fall festival and ran into some very good, old friends of ours. It was so good to see these people! They were Marshall's and my mentors before we were married and while we were newlyweds. I babysat their children, they were front and center when I was baptized.

So we ran into them and their three gorgeous (and growing!) girls. They also had about 53 extra children with them. Okay, I think it was 4, but it sure seemed like 53. They were children from the local "children's home," which is PC code for "orphanage."

One was a sweet little sandy-blonde girl with big eyes. She took my breath away. I looked at my friend and asked, "And what is her name?" She told me and I then asked, "And how old is she?" She is three. She has a five year old brother (who was the same size as she was).

Then my friend said, "I know what you're thinking. We wanted them, too, but they're going to live with an aunt this coming week."

Oh. I'm glad they have biological family who wants them and will love them. But it sure pulled at my heart-strings. Now that I keep NotMine1 & NotMine2 part time, I feel a little more adept at caring for 4 children. And I'm ready for more.

So when I saw this little girl all I wanted to know was her name - it's a simple but loaded question when talking about children who need a forever family. I'm happy her name was chosen. I wonder if God has any more names chosen for us...


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