Saturday, October 22, 2011


As you read this... (I assume you read this the second it publishes, right???) Ahem. As you read this, I am making my way toward my very first blogging conference cleverly named Bloggy Boot Camp. It's hosted by the SITS Girls (SITS = Secret's In The Sauce, however you are most likely to see "The Secret to Success is Support," but that doesn't fit the anagram).

I am so excited. I hope they like my outfit. I hope they don't notice that I didn't have time this week to recolor my hair. I hope they like ME! And I hope I learn. A lot.

I honestly have no idea what to expect from today's events. I have no idea what the "writing track" entails. I have no idea if my picky self will like what they serve for lunch.

I can tell you what I do expect - I expect everyone else to have a netbook or an ipad, and I don't have those. I'm going old school and carrying around a pad of paper and a pen. I expect to see lots of cute shoes because that's what I hear a lot about. And I expect to meet lots of people. Lots of people.

So Happy Bloggy Boot Camp Day, Atlanta! See you in a few!


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