Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Come out! Where ever you are!

I don't know why my children think I can find every single thing in the house. I tell them repeatedly - "Mom, yes. Maid, no." It is not my job to find each and every item that's not just laying in front of them.

For instance. My daughter is newly all about Barbie. (yes, Barbie. All you anti-Barbie moms can just quit, I'm telling a story) So she comes into my room at 7:00am and says, "Hey mom? Hey mom? You know that Barbie with the pink sparkly dress? I can't find the left silver shoe that goes with that Barbie, mom. Do you know where it is?"

Um. No. Last I checked, Barbie was YOURS, not MINE. Keep tabs on your own things. And yes, I do tell her that. Usually preceded with, "Did you look for it?" Of course, she claims to have scoured the entire earth in search of the elusive silver Barbie shoe.

Or, my charming son, who in the frenzy of getting ready for school will exclaim, "Momma! I can't find my socks!"

"I just put those socks on your feet two minutes ago. Why aren't they there any more?"

"I took them off and losted them."

Wha--? Seriously? In two minutes you shed your socks and threw them through a worm hole to another dimension? Great. Now we need more socks. (And for the record, someone always throws those socks back - usually in the bathroom or under the dining room table.)

I don't know why my children think I know where each one of their belongings is. I don't. Did my mom ever feel like this? I bet she did. Sorry, Mom.


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