Saturday, October 1, 2011


I am trying sooo hard not to become addicted to Pinterest!

But it's so cool. It's like facebook and twitter for pictures. You get bulletin boards, and you can "pin" any picture you want up there. Crafts, food, Christmas ideas, wish lists, Disney, clothes, quotes and more!

I currently have 14 boards: "Things I think are cool," "Words," "Recipes and Foodstuffs," "Christmas," "Reading and Writing," "Adoption," "BOOK New Day Dawns," "BOOK Belle of the Night," "Craft Time," "Parenting," "All things Southern," "Photography," "Disney," & "Birthday parties."

Some of my favorite pins:

Cupcake in a jar! from
Awesome tattoo from
Melted Crayon from
So if you need some other form of internet to be addicted to, and you've not yet discovered Pinterest, check it out, I love it.


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