Sunday, October 23, 2011

The SITS Girls are REAL!

No, really. They are totally real! They were like a giant, awesome rock band and I was a part of it! I went to the wonderful, fabulous Bloggy Boot Camp this past weekend with the SITS Girls. It's a wonderful, supportive group of bloggers who LOVE to talk, wear cute shoes and hand out business cards. And the wine was a nice touch.

But these are people I knew just through the blogging world. They didn't have real names, they had blog names. The whole day was like this:

"Who are you?"
"I'm Allison."
(person reads nametag) "OH! You're A Few Sprinkles Short! I know you!"

All day. Seriously.

But these are real women. It's easy to pretend they're just a website, but A New Kind of Normal is really Jamee, and The Mama Pirate is really Sarah, and Domestic Anarchy is Maddie. The Third Boob is actually two people - Chach & Nellie. I had no idea there were TWO Third Boobs! Haha! (Sorry to those I didn't mention here, I still LOVE YOU entirely!)

I met over 100 women this weekend and made many instant friends. I took 15 pages of notes that I will never be able to read again and I need all that info. I have 38 business cards from these ladies that I can find. I'm sure there are several more hiding in my bra and my computer bag.

And I learned 10,000,000,000,000 things that I need to do. I had no idea Pinterest could create blog traffic. And I had never even heard of an SEO before. I have lots to do!
One thing I did do was start My Tribe! Starting this week, they will be linked on my sidebar or as a separate tab as My Tribe (I will get that up ASAP, girls). They are my bloggy BFFs if you will. Like, well, Jamee, Sarah, Maddie, Jan, and more.

I will also be making some very cool changes over the next few weeks. Hopefully slowly so I will 1. get it right and 2. you'll still know where you are when you land here.

Be looking for more Bloggy Boot Camp posts coming up - most importantly - the PICTURES!

(Also, a special thanks to the BBC Sponsors: Mirassou Winery, Best Buy, Tide, Sony, Goody Hair Products, Invisalign, & Laughing at Wall Street. You made the event rock even more!)


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