Monday, October 3, 2011

What do I wear?

So, as I've said before, I'm super stoked about going to Atlanta in a few weeks for Bloggy Boot Camp with the SITS girls!

This will be my first blogging conference and I'm sure I'll make a total fool of myself by tripping up stairs or something, but still, I am excited and I can't wait to hear what everyone had to say, plus there's a cocktail party. For adults only. I think I'm more excited about the adults only part than the conference part.

So, the biggest issue when it comes to meeting 125 other women in a small space is what to wear. And, if you don't know, I'm plus sized, so that makes it double hard because I have to try to look half my size.

Which means the outfit will be the biggest challenge. Sure, I can talk to, laugh with and network with them till I'm blue in the face (and probably will!), but it's what I look like that they will remember. I've been told that having super-cute shoes is the key because someone may not remember you face, but they will remember your shoes (which sounds kind of superficial if you ask me, but whatever. For this event I just want to be popular!).

So here's the current outfit selection. Please tell me honestly if you think it's a winner or a loser!

Aqua top with tulle ruffle

Adorable capri length black leggins
Aubergine cardigan for the chilly conference rooms


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