Friday, December 9, 2011


All moms know what I'm talking about.


When you have small children, this word simply disappears from your vocabulary and your existence as a whole. Nothing is private anymore. Nothing.

Just tonight I had been playing with the kids when I excused myself to the loo (you know, the loo. Powder room? Potty? Toilet?). But my newly minted 5-year-old did not like the idea of my going alone. She grabbed my hand, "Mommy! Please! Don't leave!"

Um. I'm going going to the bathroom.

But she clung to my hand, kissing it and being very loving. Now, has she been 2 or maybe 3 I would have just left the door open. But we are working very hard these days on PRIVACY.

Potty time = alone time. Please, God, I need some alone time!

I'm trying to establish privacy for myself and also for the kids. Daddy has no problem with this because while I'm fending off an attack he can quickly use the bathroom, shower and get dressed. Alone. Sometimes I hate him. (In a loving way, of course.)

I'm trying to get the kids to close the door when they use the bathroom. This is especially important at Mimi's house where there are about 172 people walking through the house at any given moment and I don't want Granddaddy or Uncle Marcus or cousin Matthew's strange new friend walking by as they're having their constitutional. 

Now that the kids are getting a little older, everyone can use the bathroom on their own and therefore nobody needs to accompany anyone else for this...job. Except that my children are so very close that they invite each other in to just chit-chat and shoot the breeze while sitting upon the throne.
I'm glad they're best of friends, but really. This has got to stop.

Do you have any advice for weaning the kids off of bathroom bonding?

(I had to add this because it was hilarious. This is how I envision my children right now. I hope they're not still doing then when Mac has a goatee...)


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