Saturday, January 7, 2012

Oh, Hostess, How you Taunt Me

When I was a little girl, these were my all-time favorite thing:

But then about 20 years ago (OMG! 20 years?!??!?!?) we moved from Maryland to South Carolina where Hostess was nowhere to be found, only Little Debbie.

Now, many of their products are similar. But dear, sweet Debbie did not have Frosted Orange Flavored Cakes with Creamy Filling. None. Anywhere. I looked. A lot.

As a a child far from home with a wicked sweet tooth, this was a deathly blow.

But for 20 years my family has been kindly bestowing the orange fluffy goodness upon me for things like birthdays and other random times. And any time I ventured north I scoured stores for the elusive cakes, hoarding them when I found them and not letting anyone else have any. I still don't let the kids have them.

But slowly Hostess has been moving in a southern direction. I noticed Twinkies, then HoHos (who names a cake HoHo anyway?). I have been monitoring the small shelves for months now, waiting patiently.

Then it happened. Little orange packages of sunshine! They had arrived! Twenty years after I got here, my Hostess cupcakes did too! Yay!

All is right with the world again. But I'm still not sharing with the kids. They can find $1.29 and buy cupcakes for themselves.


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