Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sharing the Love

Right now I'm studying Francis Chan's Forgotten God. It's a great book about following the leadings of the Holy Spirit. This week we were to go out and share the Love of Jesus with others.

This is not something I am comfortable with. At all. At all at all. And, of course, Marshall had to work. So I was alone. I know it sounds contrary to my outgoing character, but blindly witnessing to someone is not how I feel called. If I build a rapport with someone - sure. Or if the moment comes naturally... But just walking aimlessly around? Not so much.

I had planned to just donate some food to a local mission. Easy peasy. No interaction. But then we watched the little video about how someone had blindly gone to talk to someone and that person had planned on committing suicide at that very moment and - well - I didn't want to miss that kind of opportunity.

So we set out. My first thought was to "pay it forward" at a drive-through. But then I wouldn't be sharing any message. So I went where any good Southern woman would go - WalMart. I wandered around. I nervously said hi to a few people who pretty much ignored me. Now - the South is the friendliest place on earth, but you really don't mess with people while they're shopping at WalMart.

Then I got an idea. I went to the McDonald's inside WalMart (I know, I know). I got a few of those new snack-sized McFlurries and set out on my mission. Well, first, I asked the cashier if she had a home church. She said she did when she wasn't working. I handed her a card for my church and told her she was welcome to come any time.

So I set off with my ice creams and looked for a few people to share with. I happened upon a pair of teenagers sitting on a bench. They looked like they were waiting for Mom or something. I asked if they were interested in the ice cream, hoping I could invite them to the youth group. The younger one perked up, but the older one stopped and said no and put a hand out over the other teen to stop her.

Okay, so no teens. I then spotted two guys who looked like they had just gotten off a hard day's work. They were grubby to be honest. I approached and asked if they wanted the ice cream. They eyed me suspiciously. I told them they were free. One asked what the catch was. I told them no catch, just know someone was thinking about them, and I handed them the ice cream and added in the cards for our church. I told them to come any time.

Then I walked away. I'll be honest, I didn't even wait for a thank you. I just wanted to get out of dodge. But I did it.

I'm not sure if I shared the Love like I was supposed to. But it was certainly out of my comfort zone. And maybe one of those guys was having a really hard time and just needed a treat. I'll never know. But I shared!

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