Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Girl Who Had No Air

Air conditioning, that is... 

In my family, once you hit a certain age and have children, perspiring becomes your #1 talent. It's disgusting. I'm sure all the women in my family are appreciating me saying this - but it's the truth and it's not exactly one we are able to hide. 

Last week our air conditioner froze over and it's just not working. We've done everything we know to do and so we called the air conditioning gurus. I politely and nicely explained the problem and the fact that I had two children sweating their shirts off and please help. I'm glad they're not the fire department, because help still has not come.

So it's getting as high as 83 degrees in my house, which in Allison-land means "so hot you can practically fry an egg." I mean, it's hot. Really hot. 

I'm doing my best to keep the kids out of the sweltering heat - today we played at two different toy stores for hours. But now that it's nap time, we're back in the hot house. I feel like a tomato getting over ripe and the air conditioning people are of no help whatsoever.

I'm going to take up ice sculpting. 

I wish I could cool down...

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