Friday, July 16, 2010

The Blink of an Eye

From the minute Sarah Bradley was born I was warned by other parents, "Watch out, before you know it, she'll be grown." And "You'll blink and she'll be a young lady."

I'm blinking... she's not growing. Neither is Mac.

Not that I want them to become instant adults. Certainly not. I like that they need me on occasion. I like that I get to kiss owies and hug bruised egos. They are at fun ages where they are exploring and learning every day.

The bad part about that is that they're exploring rambunctiously and those owies and bruised egos come one after another in quick succession. I don't have time to recover from one before another hits.
I wouldn't mind if my kids were a little more independent. I don't want them going off on "group dates" or anything... but if they could feed themselves breakfast or a snack I'd be thrilled. If Sarah Bradley were to wake up one morning and not burst into my room announcing, "I'm hungry and I gotta go potty," I will cry tears of joy when I actually do wake up. I promise. It will be after 10am, but I promise it will happen.

I don't want to blink and miss out on my kids growing up. But I do wish I could blink and have them be a little more self-sufficient...just a little...

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