Friday, July 2, 2010

They Like Me!

So, self-bragging today...

A week or so ago I got an email from a friend of mine saying that she knew of a writer's review board that was accepting new clients based on submissions.

Basically, the company helps hook writers up with agents - because much like publishers these days, even agents don't take unsolicited submissions anymore. So this company sends manuscripts and samples to agents to help writers get connected. They're a middle man for the middle man.

The way this company works is to send in a 15 page sample and cover letter. If they like your work, they accept you into their program and for a nominal fee* they send out your stuff to agents in your genre.

It was free to submit, so I sent in about 20 pages and a cover letter with a brief prayer and quickly dismissed ever getting in because I'm a first timer.

But today in the mail I got a letter from said Middle-Middle Man and they liked my sample! They want to work with me! I'm shocked. Now, I would need to sign up with them and pay their fees ASAP otherwise they give my slot to someone else who didn't make the cut this go round. I don't think I have the nominal fee* amount to move forward, which is unfortunate. But I'm just so psyched that they LIKED MY WORK!

I'm not a crappy writer! I have proof! I'm so excited and maybe in this coming year I can work on getting my name out there. I long for someone to pay me for doing what seems to come naturally (now if only they would pay me to parent, too!).

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