Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School

Today is the kid's first day of school.

Sarah Bradley went last year and I loved it. She got to socialize and I got to spend one-on-one time with Mac. It was a great plan.

This year both kids are going to school. I'm just not ready! I'll be losing both my babies three hours a day, three days a week. (I know, it's 9 whole hours out of 168 hours in a week - not that bad.) But I'll be alone.

Okay, if you know me, you know I can't wait for some alone time. I can grocery shop ALONE! I can spend time with my mom ALONE! I can sleep in ALONE! The possibilities are endless.

But this milestone is just another in the long line of milestones telling me how fast Sarah Bradley and Mac are growing. First steps to first day school, albeit preschool, but still.

Tomorrow I'll post their going to school pictures. I just can't believe my children are growing so fast. They are such a blessing and I am so thankful for them!

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