Sunday, August 8, 2010

Heros, Take Three

This week's heroine is someone who has done so much for a member of my family it's not even funny. She's a very smart, very compassionate twenty-something whom one could argue cared too much if there is such a thing.

Her name is Amanda. As far as I know she doesn't blog. But she calls, texts and emails! She looks out for the little person and for us that little person is Mac. She is one of his social workers.

Never in my life will I forget hearing her voice on the phone telling me that we had been chosen to parent a 10-month-old baby boy and asking when we could come get him. I hastily took a picture of Mac and her the day we brought him home because I foolishly had no idea how often we would see her.
Now Amanda and I aren't just on a first name basis on the phone, we're on an "It's me" basis. The other day she called me and just say "Hey." Not even an "it's me." We talk that much.

I would like to say that Amanda has been a hard worker for my family, but she hasn't. She doesn't work for my family. She works for the state and because of that she's worked the last two years on my son's case. In a round about way it's for my family, of course, but she works for Mac. She's like his bodyguard. All 98 pounds of her.

For two years she has watched this little boy grow and change. For the last almost 20 months she's watched him become a member of our family and she has fought tirelessly to do what's best for him, not just in the eyes of the law, but in her own eyes as well. She has come to numerous doctors appointments with me, asked questions like a concerned auntie, she comes to the house and the kids get excited to see Miss Amanda.

For a year now, she has taken Mac for visits with the biological family members fighting to get custody of him. She has wrestled with his fighting, crying body to take him to these visits where Mac would rather play with her (he loves to talk about Miss Amanda...he has never mentioned the bio-relatives). Amanda looks out for his best interest and laments with me when my son is crying to stay with me.

And this coming week, Amanda will be barraged with questions from a half-dozen attorneys asking what is best for this little boy. She will be honest. I expect nothing less from her. And hopefully the judge will agree with her (and many others) that Mac is already home. She's not my hero because she's on "our side." She is my hero because she fights tirelessly for the sides of all of children in her care, especially Mac.

Thank you, Amanda, from the bottom of my heart for being my son's champion and for being more than just a social've been a friend. I don't know what I'll do without you when all this is over. I'll invite you to the gastroenterologist's office just for kicks. And maybe after all this we can be friends who have fond (or not-so-fond) memories of the battle to keep one little boy safe. Thank you for all you do for Mac and all the other children you have helped over the years. We love you.

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})i({ Amanda })i({ said...

Although I've already talked to Allison several times today be it text, in person, or phone call... I sincerely appreciate this! You don't know how much your words mean to me, especially when work is as chaotic as it is right now. There are days when I think to myself... How much worse is this going to get? How many more will be pilled onto my case load? How many more budget cuts will I have to work through? How much more can I take before all the madness stops? But things like this totally make my job worth while. It reminds me why I do what I do everyday, and of God's purpose in my life. This will definitely be my pick-me up when work starts to get to me the most.

For those of you who read this blog...It is such a joy to work with this family, and work for Mac. I will never forget getting his case on my desk and being told to "move it quickly... like yesterday!" I threw myself into this case for weeks traveling an hour each way to work his case so that I could place him with his forever family. He is my little buddy and I love him dearly as I love my own two little girls. And there are times I definitely feel like his bodyguard, all 118 pounds of me, for the record ;)

Allison never ceases to chock me full of sweet treats and goodies when I come to visit... all the more reason to stop by! Nevertheless, this family amazes me in how well they parent Mac and Sarah Bradley. They do so with lots of love, patience, and explanations, rather than just telling them "no". I have learned so much in just watching them grow as a family. Moreover, they have endured a lot of unknowns with Mac... be it medical concerns and this custody battle. It has been a roller coaster of emotions for me, so I can't even begin to fathom what it has been like for them, but they have remained patient, hopeful, and steadfast through it all.

...For the blogging family... Thank you for bringing Mac into your home with open arms and hearts. You are such wonderful people and it is such a blessing to work with you. And I too have wondered what will I do with myself on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of every month, and every other day? No matter where I end up working one of these days... I will always remember you guys, and I will surely keep in contact with you once everything is all said and done. Love you all <3


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