Thursday, August 5, 2010


Heard any good lawyer jokes lately?

Jokes, sure. Good ones? No, not really.

I'm actually quite fond of our attorney. He's very straightforward and gives it to us straight, which I appreciate gratefully. He doesn't side track or tell us what we want to hear. In fact, he at times tells us what we don't want to hear, but I'm glad he does.

But it does seem odd to think I'm like a soap opera character who keeps an attorney on retainer at all times. Which we don't...unless you count an adoption attorney. I'm hoping we will be using Mr. Godwin several times in the future - hopefully without as much uphill battle.

I love that our attorney is a practicing Christian and he tells us to pray about things before making decisions. He tries to save us money (tries... we need to come up with about $2k by next week and our outstanding balance will be about $8-10k still). He appreciates my OCD, Type A tendencies.

The trial for custody of our son is next week. I'm scared and thoughts are sporadic. But I'm thankful we have an attorney who is on his toes and who will explain things to me and who is praying for the outcome just as we are.

If you are in need of an adoption attorney, please look at his website:

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