Sunday, August 1, 2010

Heros, Take Two

Last week I brought you the first of my Sunday Heros portion of A Few Sprinkles Short. Today is Take Two.

My Heroine today is another California girl, and someone else I would love to follow around with a little notepad taking notes on. But, as a trained psychotherapist, she would probably think I was loony and turn me in to the authorities.

Her name is Kristen and she's an amazing mother of four and an awesome blogger. She was even nominated for several blog awards, which is pretty darn cool. She also participates in flash mobs, which makes me jealous! Like last week's Hero, I know Kristen from the Hannah's Prayer forums and now keep up with her on facebook and her blog.

Kristen and Family... visit her blog here

One of the main reasons Kristen is my heroine this week is because of her tireless efforts to bring education about adoption, and especially trans-racial adoption, to the masses. She has appeared on both The View and Diane Sawyer to talk about adopting.
Kristen and her husband Mark adopted their oldest son via foster care and it took them nearly 3 years to complete his adoption. Their story resonates so much with me and our ongoing battle to keep our son home with us. They then had a biological daughter who is the same age as Sarah Bradley. After she was born, they felt the need to add another "brown face" to their family (as she said on The View), and they began the process to adopt from Haiti. While waiting to bring their son home, they had another biological daughter. It took 3 years and an earthquake for them to bring their second adoptive son home from Haiti.
Kristen amasses such media attention because she was actually in Haiti along with her infant daughter visiting her son when the earthquake there hit. Traumatically, she had to leave little Kembe behind and return to California. Thankfully, a few excruciating weeks later and seeing Diane Sawyer holding her son on national television, Kembe came home to California and they finalized his adoption just a few weeks ago!
Kristen candidly blogs about her life as a mom to 4 children 5 and under. I love her humor and her honesty. I constantly comment on her blog that she says exactly what I'm feeling inside and I appreciate her openness.

So, Kristen, you are today's hero. I hope my little corner of web space can bring more attention to your efforts to raise money for Haiti and raise awareness of adoption and trans-racial families. Thank you for being such a blessing to me!



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