Saturday, July 31, 2010

Being a Tourist

I don't know how to be a tourist.

I spent my formative years growing up in Myrtle Beach, so we did our best to AVOID anything touristy. Sure, we might have ventured to a few places in May or September - back then we had a defined tourist season and there wasn't a line a mile long and the prices were lower for locals who couldn't afford the outrageous prices. But gone are those days.

(Side note joke: Why is it called "tourist season" if I can't shoot them? HAHA!)

I haven't lived in Myrtle Beach since I packed up and left for greener pastures (well, pastures in general, since there are none in Myrtle) back in 1998. So for the past 12 years I've come back to visit family and still not done anything touristy, which in general is fine by me.

But now we have the kids, and I think they might like to know there's more to do here than hanging out at Mimi's house and swimming. There's parks, water parks, animals exhibits, the aquarium, shops, etc that we never do because it costs an arm and a leg and it's swarming with Ohioans and Canadians.

Back in April, my best friend and I went to Hilton Head - just the two of us. It was soooo(oooo) nice. No kids, no husbands... but we missed them. We saw a ton of things it would have been fun to do with them (maybe not the visit to the tattoo parlor, which was my favorite part, but other things). So I think that maybe we've been gone from the beach long enough that we can finally be a tourist again.

So my wonderful mother-in-law and I sit down with the Monster Book (the coupon book where you get $1 off a $35 ticket to Medieval Times, etc) and look for things to do. Everything that looks like fun the kids are still too little for. And everything they might enjoy and be age appropriate costs $20 a person - including the kids. That's $80 for our little family to look at alligators or watch guys on horses jump around. I don't have that kind of money. Where do tourists get this kind of money?

I think I'd rather go to Disney.

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