Sunday, September 5, 2010

Heros: Take Six

Today's hero is a little tongue in cheek. Forgive me.

This week marked the start of football season around the country. Men let out a collect sigh that the master ship - in the form of a football - made a landing on their televisions and blinded them to anything else for the next four months.

Women, on the other hand, let out a collective sigh as well that they now won't see their husbands/boyfriends/men without beer in hand, jersey on back and football lingo on their tongues until after a washed up band plays bad music for a crowd of 60,000 of these men.

So today's hero is a collective of the women who are now football widows until after 2011 starts. May you distract your man to look at your and do more than grunt at you this fall. And may your man not notice when you sneak out during the weekend, credit card clutched in hand ready to shop your way into spring.

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