Wednesday, September 1, 2010

War Zone

My house has become a war zone thanks to a young red-headed lady in our house.

Oh, no, I don't mean Sarah Bradley, I mean our new dog, Dixie.

Dixie is an adorable lab mix we picked up from a family nearby. They had to get rid of her and I felt her just pull my heartstrings.

Mac was instantly in love. It took SB a day, but now she's all about Dixie.

The cats have gone into permanent hiding. Marcel seems indifferent...just something else impeding on space.

Oscar, on the other hand, is livid. It's like a war zone in my house with Oscar and Dixie. Oscar is my shadow...I am his human. He lives and breathes by me. Dixie has also latched onto me. Oscar doesn't like Dixie following me, so he's trailing me barking. It scares Dixie, so she's staying closer, making Oscar bark more. It's a nasty cycle and I can't go anywhere in the house for them all around me.

It doesn't help that Oscar at most weighs in at 6 pounds. Dixie is closer to 60 pounds.

I sure hope they get over this soon... I have laundry to do...
Bonus of SB walking Dixie

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Molly said...

That sounds aggravating! If it was our house, Oscar wouldn't get to bark. Anti-social doggie behavior isn't tolerated here, he'd get sent to the crate whenever he was being mean until he got the point that Dixie was there to stay. I'm sure he's your baby and it's hard though! I always worry, especially with small dogs, that when they have that "it's my way or no way" attitude that they're going to run into a dog that isn't tolerant of anti-social behavior who will really hurt them. :( Hope everyone adjusts and you get peace in your home soon!


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