Thursday, September 30, 2010

Say, "Ahhh"

This morning I'm going to the dentist. Which in and of itself is nothing. It's a routine exam and hopefully I won't have any issues to deal with.

But it's blog-worthy today because I haven't been to the dentist in several years. Don't judge me. I brush twice a day and floss and do my best to take care of my teeth.

When you get pregnant you can't get x-rays, so I didn't bother to go. Then I had a newborn and thought, six more months isn't a big deal. Then post-pardum depression hit and I didn't care at all. After that I was so focused on both having a baby and trying to get DSS approval to adopt, I didn't think about it. And then we brought home a new child and had to deal with his 3-5 doctors appointments PER WEEK so my medical needs were really pushed to the back burner.

We, as moms, make so many sacrifices for our children - even to the point of completely ignoring our own health and wellness. Yes, I get my annual physical and have been to the doctor for emergency cases (like when I had strep in February), but other things - like my teeth, skin, etc have been largely ignored (I also have a dermatologist I really need to go back to see, but one at a time, I guess).

I promise that after today I will get to the dentist again within the next 5 years (holy cow! 5 years?). And I now have you all to remind me, right? Here I go! Say, "Ahhh!"

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